The Shaman Rose

Rose offers private sessions, group sessions and private events.

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The Shaman Rose

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Shamanic Healing 

Shamanic Practitioner, Rose Muniz combines ancient wisdom teachings and cutting edge nutrition to guide her clients to a greater experience of health.  

A Shaman is a person of knowledge and power.

A Shaman uses their power and knowledge in service.

A Shaman knows that love is the organizing principle of the universe.

A Shaman knows that creation is not complete – we help dream the world into being.

A Shaman is connected with nature.  

A Shaman knows everything is infused with spirit and life.

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Private Sessions, Ceremonies & Corporate Energy Work

Through private shamanic healing sessions, you'll work with Rose to turn wounds into wisdom. Shed the past and walk forward in the direction of your highest destiny.

Rose creates unique celebrations and blessings to welcome in big life changes. As an ordained minister, Rose is passionate about conducting beautiful, personalized dream weddings.

With extensive experience in Corporate America and Entrepreneurship, Rose is able to use shamanic healing to improve business.  Shift stuck energy, and renew team dynamics.

All Shamanic work is personalized and unique.



Neysa M. 

"Rose’s natural ability to heal and hold sacred space is powered not only by her genuine love for people, but also by her strong connection to Energy and Earth. As a person who doesn’t believe in organized religion, she has helped me to find purpose in honoring energy and celebrating rites of passages for special moments in life. Her strength and wisdom create a safe space for growth and change, and have allowed me to let go of things that no longer serve a purpose in my life. Thank you Rose for all that you have done, I will forever be grateful."


Jason H.

"I feel like in an hour with you, I’ve been able to let go of more than I have in 7 months of therapy."

"I feel so much lighter and the tension in my body is gone."


Our session was truly amazing and I appreciate it so much. It's really helped me change my inner dialogue with life circumstances.



Baja Retreats | Todos Santos

Pueblo Majico


Set in the beautiful colonial town of Todos Santos, Mexico, Rose partners with amazing healers, yogi's and organic chefs to create once in a life time healing retreats.  Each retreat is unique and customized to the group, season and moon cycle.  

The next retreat is to be announced. 

Into the Fire New Years 2018 Testimonial:

Words can’t describe the amazing love and power Rose and Lizzy bring to your world during such a short yet incredible retreat. The space they help you to create is truly remarkable. They are the most loving supportive experts in their professions and I’m so thankful I was able to learn from them both. They are both proof that anything is possible for us all. After the retreat the thing I’m most grateful for is the changes and healing you choose during your time at the retreat are truly permanent changes made in yourself and in your life.


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Unburden yourself from the
pain of your past, by turning it
to medicine and wisdom.
Be free to dance into your
— Rose Muniz