Private Sessions

With deep and devoted presence, I look into your energy field to find energetic imprints caused by physical, spiritual or emotional trauma. I help you to heal. Releasing the pain of the past and turning your life experiences into wisdom. Together, we move past trauma and into finding the beauty of life. We re-discover the energy of your destiny, your north star, so that you can learn to TRUST your intuition again.

In-Person & Remote

In Person - Denver, Colorado.  

Remote - FaceTime OR Rose’s Zoom Video Call Link

Fees & Timing: 60 minutes

  • 60 Minutes

  • $225 Per Session

  • 3 Session Package 20% OFF

You can pay by cash, check, Venmo or Paypal (before the session). If you have special financial needs, let me know.

Recommended # of Sessions:  A minimum 3 session is recommended.

Emergency Situations & Treatment Note: Consultations are not designed to respond to immediate crisis or urgent situations. Appointment ONLY! 

Note these sessions are limited to the practice of shamanic energy medicine and not intended to diagnose or treat medical or psychological conditions, nor to provide medical advice or serve as a substitute for medical or professional care. Psychological issues and medical conditions should be addressed directly by, and under the care of, your personal physician.


Shamanic Drumming

Shamanic drumming is an ancient approach that uses rhythm to promote healing and self-expression. Rose uses sacred shamanic drumming to guide journeying, healing and ceremonies.

Sage, Palo Santo & Essential Oils

Sage, Palo Santo, Herbs & Essential Oils are used in cleansing and healing.  Sacred blends allow us to improve the effectiveness of Shamanic Healing and clearing heavy energy.


Shamanic Rattle

The shaman's rattle is used to invoke the assistance of power animals and helping spirits. It is also used to direct energy with much like a magician with a magic wand.


As a mesa carrier, Rose conducts her sessions with these tools along with her medicine stones. Sacred medicine stones are her primary tool for working with energy.